Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor for the Consolidated Government of Columbus, Georgia.  CCG utilizes The Georgia Procurement Registry as a means of distributing notices of bidding opportunities to prospective vendors. Suppliers interested in receiving email notification for bidding opportunities listed on this site, should register as a supplier with the Georgia Department of Administrative Services.

Please use the following link to register

Online Registration to the State of Georgia                       

Vendors can also use the following resources to inform themselves of Bid/RFP opportunities:

  1. Legal Advertisements: Solicitations will be advertised in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (The City's legal organ) on the following specific days: Wednesdays and Fridays. Solicitations will be advertised in the Columbus Times newspaper and the Courier Eco Latino newspaper, as available, on a respective weekly and bi-weekly basis.
  2. City's Website: Solicitations are advertised on the city's website. Full specifications will be published on the Internet, whenever possible at
  3. 24 Hour Telephonic Bidline: A 24 hour telephone BidLine (telephone line dedicated to announce advertised solicitations) will be available to inform bidders of bid opportunities. The BidLine number is (706) 225-4536. The BidLine recording is updated each Friday. Vendors will be able to call at any time to find out about bid opportunities. Advertised solicitations will be announced on the BidLine until their due date.
  4. CCG-TV: Bid advertisements will be publicized on the City's TV Station CCG-TV
    • Charter Cable - Channel 80
    • WOW - Channel 3
    • MediaCom - Channel 156

Andrea J. McCorvey, CPPB
Purchasing Division Manager

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