Office of Crime Prevention

About Office

Our Mission

The Office of Crime Prevention is an organization committed to enhancing the lives of the residents of Muscogee County through programing provided by organizations throughout Muscogee County. Through those efforts we strive to create a healthier community and enhance life for all citizens within those borders. It operates through collaboration, education, citizen programming and advocacy to preserve safe environments and communities for the citizens of Columbus.

Our Vision

A safe and crime free city that becomes the example for other cities to follow in a quest to be a better community.

Our Values
  • We believe the citizens are an integral part of the success of the Office of Crime Prevention.
  • We believe Crime Prevention starts with five key components.
    • Recreation
    • Education
    • Drug and Alcohol Intervention
    • Employment
    • Community Policing
  • We believe Crime Prevention starts at the grass roots level.
  • We value being consistent in our actions and vision.
  • We value respect in attitude and action.
Board Members
Updated list maintained by Clerk of Council.