Animals in Traps

If you would like to borrow a trap from Animal Control, please call 706.653.4512. Please be sure you have read the instructions below before borrowing a trap.

Failure to follow the instructions below can result in a citation and / or forfeiting usage of the trap!

  1. Protection must be provided for the animal trapped.
  2. Inspect trap hourly for trapped animal.
  3. Do not use attractant bait (tuna or sardines).
  4. All animals that have been trapped in Animal Control's traps will be turned over to Animal Control.
  5. Before going to sleep or leaving for long periods of time, the trap should be brought inside or disengaged.
  6. There is a Returnable Trap Security Deposit Required.

A trap may be picked up at the Animal Care & Control Center, located at 4910 Milgen Road (get directions), between the hours of 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Saturday (excluding city holidays).