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Lost / Found Pet

What To Do If You Have Lost or Found A Pet

Lost a Pet?

  • Call Columbus Animal Control / Lost and Found Information at 706-653-4512.
  • Go to our Stray Animal map tool. The map allows our residents to actively post a location where a dog/cat was seen loose or where the animal was picked up from. Note: Once added, animals will stay on this map for a maximum of five days.
  • Keep in mind that any animals we bring in that do not have any identification (e.g. licenses or microchips), we can only keep for 5 Days as a "Stray - Hold". After those 5 days, the animal may become available to the public.
  • Keep looking for your pet. Many pets are found by residents that may not bring the animal to a shelter for several days.
  • Post flyers and walk your neighborhood where the pet was lost. Ask schools and businesses in your area if you can post a flyer.
  • Use social media, and other free networking sources to get the word out about your pet. Consider Facebook lost pet groups.
  • Found a Lost Pet?

    If you have found and can safely contain the dog/cat, call Columbus Animal Care Control 706-653-4512 to verify you have found the pet.

    Please report to Columbus Animal Care & Control Center all stray animals found in Muscogee County that are sick, injured, or neglected. Please contact the office directly at 706-653-4512 or Click here for more information and view animals already impounded. If you have found a healthy stray dog, please see below for tips on how you can help get the lost pet back home faster.

    First Things First:

    • If the dog or cat is wearing a Columbus Animal Permit County tag, call 706-653-4512 and try to retrieve the owner's contact information
    • Bring the pet to a veterinary office, or shelter, and ask them to scan for a microchip.
    • Visit our Stray Animal map tool to look for lost reports that may be a match.
    • Walk them around the area where they were found.
    • Look for lost pet flyers in the area.
    • You are strongly urged to relinquish the pet to Columbus Animal Care & Control Center if you have tried all the resources. The owner may be looking for it at a nearby shelter. You can request the animals Log ID number to check back if you are interested in adopting it.

    Think Lost, Not Abandoned:

    • Call Columbus Animal Control to check for an animal matching the description already impounded. Check the website www.columbusga.org/publicworks/animal_control/impound
    • Hang up found pet flyers in the area.
    • Post the pet on social media, to include Facebook lost pet groups.
    • For sick or injured pets, please call Columbus Animal Care & Control at 706-653-4512.
    • Columbus Animal Care & Control Center shelter intakes are available Monday - Saturday from 10AM - 5PM and owner surrenders are done by appointment only. An appointment is required for each individual animal.
    • NOTE: If the dog has bitten or broken skin on any person, please do not submit an appointment request. Instead, please call 706-653-4512 for instructions.
    • If you need to make an appointment to surrender your own dog, call 706-653-4512.
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