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Our Mission

To provide guidance, direction and coordination in mobilizing, organizing, and preparing the City of Columbus for acts of terrorism and man-made or natural disasters. The Columbus Office of Homeland Security shall develop and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive local strategy and shall perform the functions necessary to carry out the mission.

Our Goals


Actions to avoid, intervene, or stop an incident from occurring.

Prevention includes:

  • Actions to protect lives and property
  • Analyzing intelligence
  • Countermeasures/Deterrence Operations
  • Heightened inspections
  • Improved surveillance/security operations
  • Investigations
  • Public Health and Agricultural surveillance
  • Immunizations
  • Isolation/quarantine
  • Interdiction/Apprehension
  • Disrupting Illegal Activity


Actions to reduce the vulnerability of critical infrastructures or key resources.

Protect includes:

  • Continuity of government and operations planning
  • Awareness/understanding threats and vulnerabilities to critical facilities
  • Sector-specific protection practices
  • Voluntary security and related information sharing


Activities that address short-term, direct effects of an incident.

Response includes:

  • Immediate actions to save lives, protect property
  • Meet basic human needs
  • Execution of emergency operation plans
  • Mitigation activities
  • Applying intelligence
  • Increase security operations
  • Continuing investigations
  • Public Health/Agricultural surveillance
  • Immunizations
  • Isolations/quarantine
  • Law enforcement operations
  • Interdiction
  • Apprehension
  • Disrupting Illegal Activity


Activities that include the development, coordination and execution of service and site restoration plans; government operations and services, individual private-sector, non-governmental and public-assistance programs to provide housing and to promote restoration; long-term care and treatment of affected persons, social and economic restoration, evaluation of the incident to identify lessons learned, and initiatives to mitigate the effects of future incidents.
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