Muscogee County Sheriff's Office

Your Rights as a Victim

You have the Right to be Notified of:

  • Arrest of the accused.
  • Availability of victim service programs.
  • Availability of compensation for victims of violent crimes.
  • Any court hearings where release of accused will be considered.
  • Release of the accused.
  • Court proceedings during prosecution of the case Motion for new trial or appeal dates.
  • Parole or change in status of defendant if you request this in writing.

You have the Right to:

  • Express your opinion on the release of the accused pending court proceedings.
  • Express your views on the outcome of the case prior to plea negotiations or sentencing of the accused.
  • Complete a Victim Impact Statement.

Your Responsibilities:

  • In order for you to be notified of various proceedings, you must provide the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office of your address and both a home and work phone numbers (not pager or cellular telephones).
  • If your phone number changes from the number you first gave Law Enforcement Officers, you must notify the Victim Assistance Program, Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit District Attorney's Office and/or the State Court Solicitor's Office. If there is an arrest, you can be informed of criminal proceedings.

Crime Victim Compensation Program

The state of Georgia has a program to assist you with crime related expenses if you are a victim of a violent crime. It can help compensate victims for medical costs, counseling, lost wages, funeral expenses and various other costs. However, we are payers of last resort.

Who Is Eligible for Victim Compensation?
Victims who have been physically injured in a violent crime. Including but not limited to victims of:

  • Assault / Battery
  • Homicide
  • Sexual Assault
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic & Family Violence Victim
  • DUI Crash Victim
  • Person Incurring Eligible Expenses Due to Crime

What Compensation is Avaliable?
You are eligible for the following categories of compensation only if they are not covered by another source:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Counseling Expenses
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Economic Loss

TOTAL AWARD AMOUNT ALLOWABLE IS $10,000. To apply you must file an application for assistance with the Crime Victims Compensation Program. An application will be sent to you when you call the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council at 404-559-4949 or the Governor's Victim Assistance Help line at 1-800-338-6745.