Did you know the CCG Integrated Waste team is comprised of three divisions??

That's right! The divisions are Waste Collections, Solid Waste Disposal, and Recycling. These three divisions work together to provide the citizens of Columbus a seamless waste disposal process.

Integrated Waste Manager

John Pittman

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Waste Collections

Division Manager - VACANT
Assistant Division Manager - James Mang

The Waste Collections team collects your garbage and/or recycling curbside and transports it to the landfills or recycling center.

Waste Collections Division Photo

602 11th Ave. Bldg. E
Columbus, GA 31901

Solid Waste Disposal

Division Manager - VACANT
Assistant Division Manager - Aaron Thomas

The Solid Waste Disposal team receives material at one of two landfills depending on the material. At the landfills, they make sure it goes to the right area within the landfill for disposal.


Pine Grove Municipal Landfill
7900 Pine Grove Way
Columbus, GA 31907


Granite Bluff Inert Landfill
7589 River Road
Columbus, GA 31904


Recycling Division

Division Manager - Carl Nunley

The Recycling Division sorts your recyclables based on materials for processing.

Recycling Division Team Photo


8001 Pine Grove Way
Columbus, GA 31907

Integrated Waste Mission Statements

Solid Waste & Recycling Collections

We provide to our customers, the highest quality and most efficient waste collection service possible. This service consists of once a week household garbage and recycling collection, once a week yard waste, and bulk item collection. We are responsive to your needs and intend to go the extra step for satisfactory service.

Solid Waste Disposal

Our mission is to provide a waste disposal facility for the citizens of Columbus, Georgia which serves to protect the environment and human health, while disposing of municipal solid waste, construction waste, inert waste and recycling of metal, tires, and other pre-identified reusable materials.

Recycling & Sustainability Center

The City of Columbus Georgia’s Recycling and Sustainability Center Mission is to promote environmentally preserving practices such as reducing consumption of resources, reusing items, and recycling applicable products while committing to communication and interaction with the public.