Development Team

  •   Ken Streit - is a recent graduate of Auburn University, majoring in Computer Science. He works for OCV, LLC, a mobile application development company based in Auburn, AL. Through working at this company, he was able to find his passion for mobile application development. During his senior year he began working on several personal projects, which included mobile and web-based development. Being an avid biker, he was excited when he saw the opportunity to work on Fountain City Cycling and combine his two skill sets. If you'd like to read a little bit more, feel free to visit his ePortfolio:

  •   Tyler Williamson - is an avid cyclist and computer programmer. With a focus on mobile development, Tyler has published several quality apps to both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Outside of programming Tyler enjoys all aspects of cycling, and has competed in multiple forms of racing from BMX to Road. To see a list of Tyler's side projects check out his github page:

  •   Kartheek Paidipalli - is a graduate teaching assistant at Auburn University for the department of Computer Science. He holds a masters degree from the University of Auburn in Computer Science and Engineering and continues to work in programming.


Support Team

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Logan Kipp  - (706) 225-3920
Transportation Planner Columbus-Phenix City MPO