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  Congratulations to our spring FCC contest winners Ross Chambliss (1st Place - 299.5 Miles), Tripp Layfield (2nd Place - 266.8 Miles), Robert Contratto (3rd Place - 159.5 Miles), and Scott Berson (Citizen's Award - 23 Trips). A big thank you to everyone who downloaded Fountain City Cycling and reported data back to the City. The Planning Department has released its report on cycling in Columbus using the data collected. Check out the full report here. If you missed your chance to win over $400 in prizes and giveaway items, check us out when we host our fall FCC Contest in October. Happy Riding!

Data Collection

  The majority of traffic data available to planners and traffic engineers only focuses on automobiles. Although methods to gather data on bicyclists and pedestrians exist, it can be costly or difficult to implement without adequate support. Crowd sourcing, or gathering data from the general public, allows us to collect data without spending more staff time in the field and with very little maintenance or cost. In return for using the app and collecting data, the planning department will publish maps and information for the public. A map showing the most popular routes, most demanded road segments for bike lanes, and where to find the best bicycle parking will help improve communication between the city and the bicycling community. The data collected is anonymous and will only be published without identifying information. You have the option to provide us with your email and some very basic socio-economic information.

Below is our current User Submitted Route Map.

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