Easy Steps on Riding METRA

Bus Routes:

Easy Fares

A single $1.30 fare covers one-way bus trips. Bus riders may drop exact fare (bills or coins) into the fare box near the driver.

Easy Planning

Call (706) 225-4673 and give our highly trained team members your departure and destinations points. Take your time; repeat the information given and then write down information about METRA locations, the names and numbers of routes, departure and arrival times, and any transfer you may need. Feel free to ask questions and to call again to review your instructions.

Easy Boarding

Look for the blue, orange, and white stripes that identify METRA stops, shelters and vehicles. Bus Riders: METRA buses display the names and numbers of routes just above the windshield. Signal to the driver that you wish to board.

Easy Riding

Enjoy the ride, but stay alert. If you need assistance while traveling, bus riders may ask our friendly drivers to help you identify your stop. As you approach your stop, pull the overhead cord to let the driver know you want to get off.