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Mayor's Commission on Reentry


The mission of the Mayor’s Commission on Reentry is to prevent recidivism by strengthening cooperation and collaboration between law enforcement agencies, corrections and supervision entities, resource agencies, social service and non-profit organizations, community members, and other private and public stakeholders.


The purpose of the Mayor’s Commission on Reentry is to coordinate local efforts to support adults exiting local and state incarceration facilities in Columbus and statewide that will be released to a Muscogee County residency. The Commission will provide the Mayor, City Council, the public, and any other appropriate agency with accurate and comprehensive information about this population in respect to service programs, barriers that contribute to their return to a life a crime (i.e. lack of employment opportunities, housing, access to education and healthcare, etc.), and best practices for meeting their needs. The Commission shall also publicly recognize programs that excel in service to this population. In addition, the Commission will coordinate information sharing, planning, and engagement among all interested private and public stakeholders to the extent permissible under Federal and State law.

Meetings are held every third Monday of the month at 1:30 pm in the Elections and Registration conference room. Although this is an open meeting to the public because our meeting room is small, we are asking everyone to please email us at in case we have to make other accommodations to have room for everyone.


  • Keith L. Mitchell - Chair/Chair, Housing Subcommittee
  • Andrea Reese - Vice Chair
  • Kristin Barker - Secretary/Chair, Employment Subcommittee
  • Norman Quarles - Chaplain
  • Michael Forte - Chair, Faith Subcommittee
  • Baki Muhammad
  • Cathy Robinson
  • Waleisah Wilson
  • LaFini Mosby
  • Jeanette James


  • Mayor Skip Henderson
  • Councilor John House
  • Joshua McCarty
  • Seth Brown

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