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Keep Columbus Beautiful is launching an anti-litter campaign. The city-wide litter and recycling education program is designed to reduce litter on the roads, encourage the citizens of Columbus to increase recycle efforts, and promote the ideals associated with an environmentally friendly and clean society. This campaign will support the City Ordinance for litter with a comprehensive education and action plan.

In addition to the work plan listed below, the Executive Director will focus efforts on GDOT’s anti –litter campaign “Keep it Clean Georgia” with a direct focus on Columbus through “Peachy Clean Columbus.” This logo and campaign will be used along with commercials & PSA’s, bumper stickers, and other printed materials in order to educate Columbus about the importance of litter prevention.

The program is to provide participation opportunities for all residents. The five targeted areas are: Business Education, Media Education, Public Education, Student Education, and Government Education.

The main objectives of Peachy Clean and Green Columbus Campaign:

  • Raise awareness of the effect of litter and waste in our local community
  • Increase knowledge and practical skills in preventing and managing litter and waste
  • Improve student behavior and education on the effects of litter
  • Report on the litter issues
  • Tackle the issue of litter with active involvement from the elected officials and the local community
  • Provide education to the schools through lesson plans, activity books

Positive changes a litter campaign brings about                                         

  • Behavior
  • Perception
  • Opinion Leadership 

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Help us find out the litter issues within your district by taking the survey today! 

Learn more about the Peachy Clean and Green Litter Campaign by Downloading the Full Strategic Plan for 2021.Peach Download Button637508098389043088

                     The Columbus Litter League

The Keep Columbus Beautiful "Columbus Litter League" is an annual partnership with local elected leaders to combat litter and build cleaner and safer communities. Teams are based on the district of businesses, neighborhood groups, faith-based organizations, private clubs, civic organizations, and individuals. We will not only tackle the issue of litter, but raise awareness to the community the importance of keeping our city Peachy Clean & Green!

Keep Columbus Beautiful will use this as an initiative for the national Great American Clean Up. Community members will register online based on the district of their business or residence and their city council member will serve as their team captain. Once they have signed up (it will cap at 20 per location) the captain will receive a map of the location and route for their trash to be collected. Supplies will be provided to captains prior to the cleanup. Site captains must keep a tally sheet of the number of bags collected. This will also help us complete the litter index for our annual report.

Pictures from our 2021 Columbus Litter League

On March 6th, 2021, the city kicked off the Keep Columbus Beautiful anti-litter campaign by gathering with councilman of each district to complete a massive clean-up! Over 200 volunteers came together to clean more than 20 heavily littered areas around the city. We are so proud of the citizens of Columbus for taking action against litter and helping us create a new standard moving forward. Columbus, We Do Amazing! Check out some pictures below. For the full gallery, visit our Keep Columbus GA Beautiful Commission Facebook Page.   

Featured Volunteers & Community Partners: Columbus GA City Council, Columbus River Dragons, Miller Motte College, The Community Warriors, Muscogee County Sherriff's Department, Midtown Columbus, Inc., Kappa League Columbus Ga Chapter, Muscogee County Democratic Commitee, Chattahoochee River Conservancy, Eddie L. Roberts American Legion, Columbus Against Drugs Inc., U.S. Army Fort Benning 316th Calvary, One Columbus United, The Mission Continues, Columbus State University Honor Society, Fort Middle School, Columbus Police Department, Valley of Life Ministries, Greater Beallwood Baptist Church, The Life Church of Columbus, Valley of Life Ministries, Greer Solutions, Living Faith Tabernacle Columbus, and Charles S. Harrison American Legion. 

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