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Prevention of Sexual Harassment Training
  The Learning Center is committed to employment development and providing a safe place to work.      class information      class schedule

The Learning Center's Mission

  The Learning Center is committed to ensuring that adequate learning and development opportunities are available to CCG employees by providing specialized skill training, with a high level of professionalism and suitable facilitation.
We believe that the development of employees through learning will cultivate a sense of pride, confidence and high performance at any level.


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         Corey D. Jones
         Training Center Manager

         Government Center
         100 10th Street
         2nd Floor East Wing
         Columbus, Georgia 31901

Fax: 706.225.4534

LDP 2018 Calendar
      Leadership Development Program

LDP Application form


The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a two year program designed for potential or existing supervisors and/or managers. The LDP will prepare the employee for the high level of technical proficiency required to manage and operate effectively within the organization.    Application Form

At the end of this program managers will be better equipped with the knowledge necessary to meet the increasing demands of a workforce that is constantly changing and required to provide services with diminishing revenue and resources. Each student will be assigned a mentor as a resource during the program.


Individuals seeking admission into the LDP must submit an official nomination form to the Learning Center to be reviewed by the Selection Committee. Nomination forms may be found at the back of this brochure or by logging onto Lotus Notes. An annual schedule of classes will be distributed before each term begins. The matriculation period runs September through April with a Graduation Ceremony in May.

Microsoft Office Suite
  MS - Word  

Microsoft Word is a full-featured word processing program that allows you to create many types of personal and business communications, including announcements, letters, resumes, business documents, and academic reports, as well as other forms of written documents.

  MS - Excel  

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows you to organize data, complete calculations, graph data, develop professional-looking reports, publish organized data to the Web and access real-time data from Web.

  MS - Access  

Microsoft Access is a comprehensive database management system (DBMS). A database is a collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data. Microsoft Access allows you to create a database; add, change, and delete data in the database; sort data in the database; retrieve data from the database; and create forms and reports using the data in the database.

  MS - PowerPoint  

Microsoft PowerPoint is complete presentation graphics program that allows you to produce professional-looking presentations. PowerPoint provides the flexibility that lets you make informal presentations using overhead transparencies, make electronic presentations using a projection device attached to a personal computer, make formal presentations using 35mm slides, or run virtual presentations on the Internet.

  MS - Publisher  

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing program (DTP) that allows you to design and produce professional-quality documents (newsletters, flyers, brochures, business cards, Web sites and so on) that combine text, graphics and photographs. Desktop publishing software provides a variety of tools, including design templates, graphic manipulation tools, color schemes or libraries, and various page wizards and templates.

  Intro to Computers

Introduction to computers is designed for novice computer users who would like to increase their knowledge of computers and their functionality.  Understanding computer language and terms and the many components of computers is covered, as well as the internal structure of computers.

  Customer Service  

Customer Service Program explores communication, customer service, computer, and the essential business skills necessary to provide world-class customer service.  Customers Service provision is an ongoing effort to improve the day-to-day interaction of both internal and external customers. This course is offered every Monday from 10:00am - 12:00noon.


The Learning Center has 5 operational rooms for training and events; a full kitchen and computer lab.