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Understanding Heart Disease?

CCG Wellness Committee
  The purpose of the CCG Wellness Committee is to be champions of wellness to all city employees, to ensure that wellness programs are responsive to employee needs, to assist with the implementation of a Wellness Action Plan, and to keep management and employees informed of wellness matters.

Vision Statement: To support a healthy lifestyle for all employees.

Goal: To increase employee awareness of the value of staying healthy and decrease rising health care costs due to injuries and illnesses.

CCG Wellness Health and Fitness Matters
The Columbus Consolidated Government (CCG) Health and Fitness Matters supports a healthy lifestyle for all employees. Employees have the opportunity to improve their overall health and wellness; insure employee awareness of the value of staying healthy, and decrease rising health care costs incurred ny employee injuries and illnesses.

Walking Fitness Program I
A Walking Fitness Program has been designed for the well-being and good health of CCG employees.  There are 8 different walking routes convenient for all employees who work in the Uptown area.  Employees are encouraged to walk at least once a day or up to 5 times a week. (Please use your discretion). 

There is a 2-mile walk (to and from location) in eight different trails that have been established.  Employees can walk these trails anytime including before work, during lunch and after work.  Employees have an opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery of Uptown while getting fit.  For employees who do not work in the Uptown Area, you are encouraged to develop a 2-mile walking trail that will work for you; area parks are ideal.  As you walk these trails, employees are encouraged to track each mile walked.  Set a goal for the number of miles you wish to walk and set new goals once the old goal has been achieved.  Put on our walking shoes and get ready to walk for your health and have fun doing it.  Please find below the 8 trails and decide which direction you want to start walking FOR YOUR HEALTH.  HAPPY TRAILING!     <Click Here to view Walking Trails> Stress Affects Health

Alcohol and Drug Abuse information
Blood Pressure Monitors & Weight Scales
   Nearly 1 in 3 American adults have high blood pressure. High blood pressure is especially dangerous because it often gives no warning signs or symptoms. Fortunately, you can find out if you have high blood pressure by having your blood pressure checked regularly. If it is high, you can take steps to lower it. Just as important, if your blood pressure is normal, you can learn how to keep it from becoming high.




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