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EMPLOYEE  BENEFITS   The Columbus Consolidated Government offers exceptional benefits, including:

Paid Holidays
The Columbus Consolidated Government observes eleven paid holidays each year.    Click Here to View the Current Holiday Schedule.

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King's Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day After Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Floating Holiday

Cynthia Holliman
Pension Plans Administrator

Government Center
100 10th Street
1st Floor West Wing
Columbus, Georgia 31901

Fax: 706.653.4066


Workers Compensation
Bill of Rights

  Vacation Leave  
     Vacation leave is paid time off work for vacations and other personal use. Employees begin earning vacation time as soon as they begin working for the Columbus Consolidated Government.

Vacation time is accrued on a bi-weekly basis. The rates of accrual are as follows:
  • Less than 10 years service, 10 Days per year
  • 10 to 15 years of service, 15 Days per year
  • 15 to 20 years of service, 20 Days per year

Sick Leave
Sick leave is paid time off from work due to your illness or the illness of a member of your immediate family.
  • The accrual rate for sick time is bi-week
  • No matter how many years of service, each Employee accrues thirteen sick days per year or .50 per biweekly pay period.
  • When you have accrued more than thirty days in your sick base, if approved by Columbus Council, you will be paid 25% of yearly unused sick time, not to exceed 13 days.
  • The maximum sick days that may be accrued (banked) is 90, plus and additional 120 catastrophic leave days.
  Pension Plan for City Employees  
   Effective as of January 1, 1965, in order to create a retirement fund for the payment of benefits to eligible employees, the Employees' Retirement Fund of the City of Columbus was established pursuant to Ordinance No. 64-49 enacted by the City Commission of the City of Columbus, Georgia.

  Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP)  
   The Columbus, Georgia Employees Deferred Retirement Option Plan is created and administered by the Board of Trustees of the Columbus Georgia Pension Plan for General Government Employees. The purpose of this optional plan shall be to allow the Government to anticipate retirement of personnel in an orderly fashion and to allow Employees the opportunity to make an irrevocable election which gives them the benefit account of the pension fund while still receiving a salary for up to three years. < read more >
DROP Plan - Dec.2015 update
  Supplemental Retirement (457 Deferred Compensation Plan)  
   Deferred Compensation, in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code Section 457, is a tax-deferred Supplemental Retirement Program which allows public sector employees to contribute a portion of their salary before federal and state taxes to a retirement account.

   The Columbus Consolidated Government offers this program to encourage employees an opportunity to build financial security in anticipation of retirement.   The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company- VALIC Retirement Services Company- became the sole vendor for deferred contributions by new employees in 2016. New employees are eligible to enroll in the CCG Deferred Compensation Program from the first day of employment.

  457 Deferred Compensation Plan

  Service Provider Agreement

For more information contact Christine Bone � christine.bone@valic.com

  Long Term Disability  
   To qualify for disability retirement, an employee must have separated employment before they can apply for disability with the Social Security Administration. To qualify for disability retirement, an employee must be certified disabled by the Social Security Administration. There is a five month waiting period before they are eligible to receive any benefits from Social Security. If approved, the employee is entitled to 60% of their average monthly earnings based on the last 60 months prior to becoming disabled. The benefit amount shall vary pending on the date the SSA declares the employee disabled. This amount is reduced by any amount received from SSA, regular City pension, and any federal disability they were already receiving when they came to work for the City. Also, it is reduced by any amount they may be receiving from Worker's Compensation. There is no service or age requirement, however the date Social Security declares you disabled must be a date that you were employed as a full-time employee.

Columbus Consolidated Government
  Credit Union  
   You are eligible to join the Kinetic Credit Union on your first day of employment. The Credit Union offers a variety of services to members including checking and savings accounts and personal loans. To enroll, contact the Credit Union directly at 706-320-8500. For more information go to: www.kineticcu.com
  Direct Deposit  
   The Columbus Consolidated Government utilizes Direct Deposit of payroll checks as a safe, convenient way of handling employee paychecks. On payday, your weekly or bi-weekly pay will automatically be deposited in the bank account of your choice. That day you will receive a "stub" (statement) which details your earnings, deductions, etc. Your funds are immediately available to you.
  Free and Discounted City Services  
     Take advantage of these free or discounted City services offered to all City employees.     click here for Full List

  • Ride Metra for Free
  • Adopt a pet for Free
  • Free Mulch
  • Free Driver's Training
  • Free Notary Service
  • Free home safety inspections from Fire Dept.
  • Discounted green fees at city courses
  • ...And Many more exciting offers

An Equal Opportunity Employer  and complies with the  Civil Rights Act of 1964
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