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Terrorist Attack

Protecting Columbus, Georgia from terrorist attacks

Terrorism is deliberate use of violence against civilians for political or religious means. Each day, terrorists are working to obtain chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive weapons. However, local, state and federal agencies are working to strengthen our nationís security. Whenever possible, we want to stop terrorist attacks before they happen. All Americans should learn about potential threats so we are better prepared to react during an attack.

How Can I Be Prepared for a Terrorist Attack?

  1. If you are suspicious of possible terrorist action, contact the Columbus Office of Homeland Security at 706.225.4213, or fill out the Online Tip Form. If you have received a terrorist threat immediately call 911.
  2. Visit the American Red Cross website, and view their Family Disaster Plan guide.
  3. Prepare a disaster supplies kit in an easy-to-carry container such as a duffel bag or small plastic trash can. Include "special needs" items for any member of your household (infant formula or items for people with disabilities or older people), first aid supplies (including prescription medications), a change of clothing for each household member, a sleeping bag or bedroll for each, a battery powered radio or television and extra batteries, food, bottled water and tools.
  4. Create an emergency communications plan with family and friends. Choose an out-of-town contact your family or household will call or e-mail to check on each other should a disaster occur. Your selected contact should live far enough away that they would be unlikely to be directly affected by the same event.
  5. Establish a meeting place. Having a predetermined meeting place away from your home will save time and minimize confusion should your home be affected or the area evacuated.

Terrorist Attack Links

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