Administrative Services

The Department of Fire & Emergency Medical Services is comprised of 383 total positions (375 sworn positions, 2 civilians, 5 clerical positions). The Department maintains 14 stations located throughout Columbus/Muscogee County. With a coverage area of 220 square miles, the Department responds to over 40,000 requests for emergency services annually.

The Department is organized into five (5) divisions: Administrative Services, Emergency Management, Community Risk Reduction, Operations, and Training.

The Administrative Services Division is responsible for all human resource functions in the department to include coordinating the hiring process, recruitment, payroll, workers compensation claims, and maintenance of all personnel records. The Division Chief of Administration serves as the Department Accreditation Manager and is responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable accreditation standards and reporting requirements.

The Logistics/Support division is responsible for ensuring the efficient repair/replacement of all emergency equipment assigned to the department. The division works closely with other city departments to ensure the efficient repair of the department's facilities and vehicles. In addition to supplying fourteen (14) stations with emergency and non-emergency equipment this division is responsible for all records pertaining to the repair/replacement of all personal protective equipment to include the required testing, repair, and replacement of over 300 self-contained breathing apparatus cylinders. This division is also responsible for issuing uniforms and personal protective equipment to all sworn personnel.