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Annual Action Plan

Executive Summary:
The Columbus Consolidated Government is required to submit to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) an Annual Action Plan for each Fiscal Year of the FY2012 - FY2016 Consolidated Plan. The FY 2015 Annual Action Plan is submitted as a prerequisite to receiving funds for the following programs:

  1. Community Development Block Grant ( CDBG)
  2. Home Investment Partnerships Act (HOME)
The Annual Action Plan describes specific projects in which these funds will be utilized to carry out previously identified priorities established in the City's FY2012 2016 Consolidated Plan. These priority needs were established through a collaborative process with citizens, public interest groups, and other stakeholders in the City. The proposed activities seek to address certain significant housing and community development needs for low and moderate income residents. Due to the fact that the Entitlement funds to be allocated from HUD to the City for FY2015 have not been determined yet by HUD, all of the proposed activities being funded for FY2015 are funded based on the actual funds received for the CDBG and HOME programs in FY2014. The proposed levels of funding are subject to change based on the allocations that HUD actually awards.

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