Lisa Goodwin

Deputy City Manager for Current Operations

2nd Floor City Services CenterDCM Lisa Goodwin
Phone:(706) 225-3108 | Fax:(706) 653-4970

Lisa Goodwin
Deputy City Manager

The Deputy City Manager for Current Operations is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the City Government. Her focus is on ensuring that day-to-day city services are provided in the most efficient and effective way possible. She looks for ways to improve the quality and level of services provided to the citizens of Columbus; Works with community groups regarding community affairs and interest in city services. Develops strategic planning practices to anticipate future opportunities, issues and concerns.

Chairs various boards and committees in support of city initiatives. Assists the City Manager in the execution of his office, including the annual budget, capital programming, public and legislative issues. Assesses organizational structure, effectiveness, and staffing levels to meet current and future service requirements.

Responsible for several major direct service departments within the Columbus Consolidated Government: METRA Transit System, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Columbus Civic Center, Citizens Service Center/311; Workforce Investment, and CCG-TV.

  • Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, AL - B.S. Degree in Business Administration
  • Troy University, Ft. Benning, GA - Master of Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness
  • 1990 - Executive Assistant to the City Manager
  • 1998 - Director of Transportation/METRA
  • 1993 - Assistant Director of Transportation/METRA


Admin Assistant

Administrative Assistant
Altemese Wilson
(706) 225-3108


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