Land Bank Authority

Our mission is to return property to good use with partners.

Return Property

There are many reasons why properties become unproductive and present challenges to neighborhoods. The Columbus Land Bank is in a unique position to handle properties that are:

  • Vacant and abandoned
  • Tax delinquent
  • Government surplus
  • Tangled in heirs property
  • No longer wanted by private individuals, estates, or financial institutions.

To Good Use

How does the Columbus Land Bank define good use? We evaluate and price each property for its potential to be:

  • Generating tax revenue
  • Housing options for people who earn low to moderate income
  • Side lots and yard expansions
  • Commerce, enterprise, and industry
  • Small business, maker, and startup space
  • Gardens, parks, and green space
  • Innovative and artistic spaces
  • Civic common and community connection.

With Partners

The Columbus Land Bank counts on many partners to achieve our mission. We look forward to strengthening relationships with:


420 10th St, 2nd Floor
Columbus, GA 31901