Officers for 2017- 2018

President Elect: Syniah Hood
Parliamentarian: Sakeli Givens
Historian: Courtney Fortunato
Secretary/Treasurer: Sydney McRae

12th Grade Caucus Rep: Kyla Mims
12th Grade Assistant Caucus Rep: Ja'Von
12th Grade Secretary: Tamia McFarlan

11th Grade Caucus Rep:  Mary Do
11th Grade Assistant Caucus Rep:  Olivia Hinton
11th Grade Secretary:  Kennedy Perrine

10th Grade Caucus Rep:  Lili West
10th Grade Assistant Caucus Rep:  Amber Diehl
10th Grade Secretary:  Jada Archibald

9th Grade Caucus Rep:  Zabria Roberts
9th Grade Assistant Caucus Rep:  Sonali Patel
9th Grade Secretary:  Brianna Owens

8th Grade Caucus Rep:  Kyrie Deas
8th Grade Assistant Caucus Rep:  Nandina Shukla
8th Grade Secretary:  Makayla Nelson

6th/7th Grade Caucus Rep:  Eric Cowling Jr.
6th/7th Grade Assistant Caucus Rep:  Serenity Orozco
6th/7th Grade Secretary:  pending



Coordinator: Lisa Goodwin - City

12th Grade Advisor: Howard Pendleton
11th Grade - LaToya Dudley, Shanet' Goodwin
10th Grade Advisor: Danielle Frazier, Sharon Kelly
9th Grade - Dr. Janet Jackson Goodwin
8th Grade - Chris Bass, Tracy Belt
6th/7th Grade Advisor: Teasha Johnson, Katiena Frazier
Coordinator: Lauren Vance, Altemese Wilson


The Columbus, Georgia Youth Advisory Council is a partnership between the Columbus Consolidated Government and the Muscogee County School District.