muscogee county probate court

Administrating or Probating an Estate

Required documents:

Death Certificate
Original Will (if a will exists)
Completed Petition
Pro Se (without a lawyer) Litigants Agreement
Deposit Fee

What petition do I file?
Handling an estate can be complicated and confusing.  More than one standard form may be applicable to your situation and filing the “wrong” form may have adverse consequences.  The probate staff cannot give you legal advice.  We strongly encourage you to consult a lawyer about how best to proceed.

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Who are the heirs-at-law that must receive notice in an estate matter?
Heirs Determination Worksheet

Filing Information:
If you have all the required documents, you may schedule an appointment with Probate Court to file you probate matter. The court clerks will assist you in the next steps to take at the time you file your probate matter.

Court Costs:
Deposit Fee**: $100
**See Schedule of Costs and Fees for remaining balance. Remaining balances are due at the time the oath is taken.