Slang Definitions
Cap - to shoot someone
Claim - seek membership
Club - alternative gang name
Courted In - see Jumping In
Crew - small group organized around criminal activity
Dis - show disrespect, disdain
Front Off - in-your-face street challenge
G - fellow gang member
Hard - tough, merciless
Heart - courage
Jack Up - beat up
Juice - respect
Jumping In - going through gang initiation
Kickin' It - partying
Mission - gang-related incursion into enemy territory
Moved On - challenged
Nation - confederation of gangs
O.G. - original gangster (founding or long-time member)
Peewee - junior member or "little gangster"
Quoted - completed initiation
Smoke - to shoot someone
Strapped - armed
Set - subset of a larger gang
Tried - challenged by another
Wanna-Be - apprentice G's