Transportation Improvements

The Columbus Consolidated Government is working hard to make necessary improvements in different areas of the city to increase safety, security, and connectivity in order to improve the quality of life for all citizens.

These road projects are subject to change due to several factors and without any previous notice.

Here is a list of some of the main transportation projects that are taking place right now:

  • Forrest Road Widening Project:From Woodruff Farm Road to Schatulga Road. Acquisition is underway and expected to be completed by December 2013. Construction should then begin Spring of 2014.
  • Moon Road from Wilbur Drive to Whittlesey Boulevard (Phase I):The road is designed for a three (3) lane widening project intersection improvement. This road is expected to be ready to be put out for bid for contract for construction. Construction should start by summer.
  • Veterans Parkway from Old Moon Road to Hancock Road:This is a Georgia Department of Transportation project that will widen the roadway from two/three (2/3) to four (4) lanes with a median. The purchase of right-of-way has begun and will take approximately 24 months to complete. Acquisition will be performed by the Georgia Department of Transportation. Construction of the project is expected to take approximately 24 months to complete after all Right-of-way has been obtained.
  • The Whittlesey Road Widening Project from Veterans Parkway to Rollins Drive:This project has been awarded for construction and has begun. This project will widen the roadway from two (2) and three (3) lanes to four (4) lanes with a median and turn lanes. Construction should be complete by April 2015.
  • Double Churches/Whitesville Intersection:This project is in acquisition phase is underway at 95%. Construction time after acquisition is 24 months.
  • Talbotton/Warm Springs Road from 7th Avenue to Woodruff Road:Final design corrections are being made, which have delayed the project. Funding has been approved for the acquisition. The Georgia Department of Transportation will take approximately 36 months to acquire the Right-of-way and 24 months for construction. The projected starting date is 2014.
  • Eastern Connector - Phase II (Schatulga Road to Chattsworth Road):Is out for construction bid April 2013. Time of construction is estimated at 36 months.
  • Woodruff Farm Road and Corporate Ridge:This intersection improvement project will allow for right/left turn lanes and acceleration lanes. Construction has started and is estimated to be completed end of May 2013.
  • Forrest Road Bridges:To replace Bull Creek and Cooper Creek. Both bridges will have sidewalks. Acquisition is wrapping up. Bid for construction is expected late Spring 2013.
  • Veterans Parkway Streetscapes Project - Phase I (from the 13th Street intersection to 8th Street):Phase II (form 8th Street intersection to Victory Drive) had to be rebid. A contractor has been chosen. Notice to proceed from the Georgia DOT has not been awarded.
  • Brown Avenue Bridge Project:Construction is underway and expected to be completed by May 2015.

Completed Projects

The following transportation improvement projects have recently been completed:

  • Moon Road from J.R. Allen Parkway to Veterans Parkway (Phase III):This project consisted of widening the roadway from two (2) to four (4) lanes with a median. This project was completed in 2012.
  • Eastern Connector (Lynch Road) from Chattsworth Road to U.S. 80 (Macon Road):This project consisted of widening the roadway from two (2) to four (4) lanes. This project was completed in 2012.
  • Aflac / Mutec:This project consisted on improving the signalization of turn lanes. The main purpose was to improve the flow of traffic coming to/from the Corporate Ridge Industrial Park area. This project was completed in 2011.
  • Lakebottom Improvements:A federal transportation enhancement grant provided 80% of the funding for the recently completed improvements on the Lakebottom Walking Trail. The City provided 20% matching funds. This project was completed in 2011.
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