14th Street Bridge and Plaza

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Seal

This project has been approved for $3,300,000 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Project Details
Affected Area: 14th Street Pedestrian Bridge and Plaza

$3,351,386 million from Federal Stimulus

$2,87,449 million MPO L230 Money

$ 6,221,835 million total fundsfor Bridge

$3,203,610 million MPO L230 Money

$ 3,203,610 million total fundsfor Plaza

Start Date: Spring 2011
Completion Date: Bridge: October 9, 2013; Plaza: End of 2014

Columbus' 14th Street Pedestrian Bridge has received enhancements that will improve its overall appearance and provide connection to the community's trail system. The $6.2 million dollar project will provide needed structural improvements for pedestrian traffic within the existing right-of-way on the 14th Street Bridge. The bridge crosses the Chattahoochee River to connect Columbus to Phenix City, Alabama. The bridge was closed to vehicular traffic due to extensive structural insufficiencies. The pedestrian bridge now offers connectivity and continuity to the Columbus Riverwalk.

Enhancements such as streetscapes, new sidewalks, and the redevelopment of the surface of the bridge, were constructed under this project. Improvements also include the reconstruction of the bridge footings and scour protection, along with the cleaning and patching of all exterior surfaces. Railings on the bridge were replaced and made to look as similar as possible to the existing structures. The use of Interpretive kiosks emphasizing the historic industrial development along the river were also installed along with benches and period specific lighting.

The bridge is currently scheduled to have its grand opening on October 9, 2103. Shortly after the bridge opening a new plaza will be constructed, offering area for greenspace and passive activities. The plaza will be completed in 2014.


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