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Our Mission

As stated in the By-Laws the purpose of the Mayor’s Commission on Unity, Diversity and Prosperity is to create a community where every person is valued and presented with equal access to opportunities.  The Commission will pursue its mission by gathering information, data and public input in order to provide and/or recommend policies, strategies, education efforts and programs to the Mayor, and, upon the Mayor’s invitation, to City Council.


In February 1987, the Columbus Consolidated Government received complaints that disparities in hiring practices, treatment, and promotion policies existed between male and female workers.

A Committee was then appointed by Mayor Jernigan to "identify problems, make progress reports to the Council, and finally, develop a plan of action addressing problems, and make recommendations for corrective action."

After a thorough study the Council Committee recognized that a continuous and concerted effort must be made in order to eliminate or minimize barriers which hinder women and minorities in reaching their full potential. Women and minorities make substantial contributions to our government and community through their skills, knowledge, and talents. The reality ; however, was that many obstacles still remained, both institutional as well as attitudinal, which prevented women and minorities from exercising real choices and participating to their full extent.

To facilitate in this effort, the Committee recommended the establishment of an external "Commission" of concerned citizens to provide input and address community issues.

This Commission was therefore charged with creating a positive climate in this community with respect to women and minorities through public relations efforts, education, and the establishment of viable goals and objectives. Under this charge the Commission became the Mayor's Commission on Unity and Diversity.

New Focus

In 2012, Mayor Teresa Tomlinson expanded the mission of the Commission formerly named Mayor's Commission on Unity and Diversity. With the collaboration of One Columbus and the Martin Luther King Steering Committee, the Commission became the Mayor's Commission on Unity, Diversity and Prosperity. Its projects will address the issues of poverty and economic segregation. "Economic segregation correlates with other demographic divisions. Today it necessarily segregates people by race, gender and age, because more women tend to live in poverty, more elderly tend to live in poverty, more minorities tend to live in poverty."

In addition, the Commission will undertake two long-standing community events, the Martin Luther King Unity Parade of Excellence and the Diversity Forum, a televised discussion of issues related to the mission of the Commission and previously a signature event of One Columbus.

Membership is comprised of former members of Commission, One Columbus, the Martin Luther King Steering Committee and other citizens who have experience in the area of prosperity initiatives or other initiatives akin to the mission. All members are appointed by the Mayor.

Scheduled Meetings

Commission meetings will be held on the 1st Wednesday of each month unless otherwise arranged. Each meeting is scheduled to be held in the Community Room of the Citizens Services Center on Citizens Way at 4:00 p.m.

Members of the Commission should call 706-225-3163 if unable to attend the monthly meeting.

October 4, 2017 Citizen's Service Center (CSC)
November 1, 2017 CSC
December 6, 2017 CSC
January 3, 2018 CSC
February 7, 2018 CSC
March 7, 2018 CSC
April 4, 2018 Mayor's Conference Room
May 2, 2018 Mayor's Conference Room
June 6, 2018 CSC
July 4, 2018 No Meeting
August 1, 2018 CSC
September 5, 2018 CSC
October 3, 2018 CSC

Commission Projects

Objective: The object is to look at a broad range of issues related to age, race and gender as they may be connected to issues of poverty and prosperity. We will endeavor to update the important discussion of those cultural elements that sometimes divide us. This is meant to be a "think tank" type organization that studies information and data related to those issues that sometimes separates our community. The Commission also will develop strategic efforts to bridge those gaps. The Commission will recommend policy direct to the Mayor and can inform Council on legislative issues that may touch on the Commission's mission.

  1. Analysis of Census Data and studies of poverty in Columbus, Georgia to determine the state of poverty in the City and its correlation to factors of age, gender or minority status. The analysis should also look at whether there are clusters of poverty which segment our population by income.
  2. Select prosperity initiatives to participate in and support as a Commission project.
  3. Catalogue Prosperity Initiatives or Anti-Poverty Initiatives in our community, which do more than minister to the needs of those living in poverty, and, instead, provide enabling resources to lift them into a sustainable way of life.
  4. Diversity Forum – Televised community discussion about the issues of Diversity and inclusion. The Diversity Forum will continue to build on its five year history to bridge various gaps of ethnicity, gender and even our ability to engage in civil discourse.
  5. Martin Luther King Day Parade- the annual parade is one of the many events held each year in commemoration of all Dr. King sought to do to unite our world. Typically held the Saturday before the King Holiday.