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The Muscogee County Marshal's Office has been in existence since 1831. An Act of the Georgia General Assembly and subsequent amendments granted the Marshal and Deputy Marshal's the authority to enforce Federal Laws, State Laws, and Local Ordinances. The Marshal's Office is the enforcement arm of the Municipal Court and has concurrent jurisdiction with the Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff’s within the boundaries of Muscogee County. The Marshal and Deputy Marshals must meet the standards for all Georgia Peace Officers. The Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council has certified the Muscogee Marshal's Office as a Law Enforcement Unit.

Vision Statement

To be the best Marshal’s Office in the State of Georgia. Setting the standards for professionalism, diversity, teamwork, and to champion leadership through community partnership and higher education.


The Muscogee County Marshal’s Office shall advance in working to enhance the service of civil processes to those who utilize our services. We will continue to strive to keep up with technology, laws, and education to grow as an integral unit with local and state law enforcement agencies. We will remain vigilant in recognizing the changes and trends that will help keep the citizens in our community safer than ever in a changing environment.

Statement of Values

    We, the members of the Muscogee County Marshal’s Office are committed to the following values:
  • Honesty – truthfulness regardless of circumstances
  • Integrity – honest in word and deed
  • Loyalty - being true to staff and community.
  • Professionalism –efficient, proficient, and prepared
  • Diversity – meeting the needs of the community
  • Accountability – responsible for our acts
  • Citizenship - proactive support of our community
  • Commitment – to the community and our chosen profession
Marshal's Training

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