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Georgia Search And Rescue West Central Task Force 4A

FDC Strategic Plan
Standards of Cover

Fire Prevention is responsible for the enforcement of life safety codes, through annual building inspections of businesses, public assemblies, and other facilities as mandated by the State of Georgia; issuance of 14 life safety related permits (to include but not limited to public assembly permits, burn permits, day care permits, beer and wine permits); plan review for suppression/detection systems and hydrant placement, and provides fire and life safety education classes to the community.

Fire Prevention also investigates fires for cause and origin and responds to customer inquiries and complaints. The division is also involved with numerous fire and life safety initiatives that improve the safety of our citizens. The programs include the following: Free Home Safety Survey, Residential Carbon Monoxide Checks, School Fire Safety Education, Juvenile Fire Setter Program, and free smoke alarms (and installation).
Fire Prevention Permits
  • Beer and Wine Permits
  • Blasting Permits
  • Burn Permits
  • Day Care Permits
  • Fire Reports Permits
  • Fireworks Permits
  • Mixed Drinks Permits
  • Personal Care Home Permits
  • Public Assembly Permits
  • Tanks Permits
  • Tent Permits
  • Fire Alarm Plans Review
  • Sprinkler Plans Review
  • Hydrants Placement

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