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Georgia Search And Rescue West Central Task Force 4A

FDC Strategic Plan
Standards of Cover


Apply: Monday-Friday (8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.)
Public Safety Building (Second Floor)
510-10th Street, Columbus, Georgia
(706) 653-3500

Salary & Benefits
  High School/GED $ 32,616.00
  A.A./A.S. $ 33,431.00
  Bachelor $ 33,431.00 + $1,200 (Yearly)
  Master $ 33,431.00+ $2,400 (Yearly)
  Signing Bonus $ 2,000
  Relocation Pay (Over 50 miles)    up to $1,000
  Paramedic Certification Pay $ 5,000 (Yearly)
  Public Safety Certification Pay $ 3,000 (Yearly)
  • Annual Vacation (10 days per year)
  • 13 Days annual sick leave
  • 10 Paid holidays
  • 18 Days annual military leave
  • Life and hospitalization coverage underwritten
    (Dependent coverage also available)
  • Retirement funded 100% by the City
  • Eligible for state retirement/Deferred compensation program
  • Full salary while attending firefighter training
  Requirements for Employment
         CPAT Information
       CPAT Information
Candidates must complete the entire candidate selection process to be considered for full-time employment. Information regarding the CPAT may be reviewed online at http://www.iaff.org. Click on the Stay Safe link and from the drop down menu click on Wellness and Fitness Initiative. For questions contact the Deputy Chief of Administration Office.  
[Click Here for the Employment Application and Job Openings]
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