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   The Columbus, Georgia Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services (Department) is a department rich with tradition with over 180 years of service to the citizens of Columbus, Georgia. The department obtained an ISO Class 1 rating September 1, 2017. This rating has been achieved by less than .5% of Fire Departments Nationwide. Columbus Fire and EMS is one of only 7% in Georgia and is one of only 2% of departments across the United States that are Internationally Accredited and an ISO Class 1.

   With a staff of dedicated professionals, the department provides high quality fire, emergency medical, hazardous materials response, and rescue services to the citizens of Columbus from fourteen locations throughout the City. The department is currently organized into five divisions: Fire Prevention, Operations, Administrative Services, Training, and the Office of Emergency Management. The Chief of Fire and Emergency Medical Services serves as the Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible for the overall operation of the department. The Chief reports directly to the Mayor who also serves as the Public Safety Director.

   Do you have questions or comments for the Department of Fire & Emergency Medical Services? Contact us by email.

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