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  1. What department should I contact if I have a question, request for service, register a complaint and/or offer a suggestion?

  2. If someone wishes to be placed on the Public Agenda to appear before Council, what department should they contact?

  3. When are my pick-up days for garbage, recycling, waste, limbs, and bulky items for my street?

  4. How does a business obtain a solid waste permit?

  5. How can I request a Recycle Bin?

  6. What time on my pick-up day does my trash need to be placed on the curb?

  7. Why will the City NOT remove any part of a cut down tree?

  8. What is the fee for garbage collection?

  9. What is the procedure for applying for a reduced garbage rate?

  10. Do you pick-up construction materials?

  11. I need to pay traffic and/or parking ticket(s). What department handles this and where is it located?

  12. How do I go about getting a handicapped parking permit?

  13. What method of payment does the Muscogee County Tax Office accept?

  14. Where do I call to report potholes in the road?

  15. What department should you contact for a temporary street closing permit?

  16. I would like to place my business on the City's bid list, what department should I contact?

  17. Where can I get a copy of the City's Budget?

  18. Is my property in a flood zone?

  19. Who should I contact to report old dilapidated abandoned houses?

  20. Where do I call to report an unkempt yard?

  21. How tall do weeds/grass have to grow to be in violation of the City Code?

  22. What department should I contact to obtain a permit to erect a sign?

  23. I have a dead animal. What do I need to do to have it removed?

  24. What department handles senior programs?

  25. What department should I contact to obtain a copy of a Divorce Decree?

  26. Where can I obtain a copy of a birth certificate/death certificate?

We're here for you. Contact 311 anytime, anywhere.

Call 3-1-1 in Columbus/Muscogee County, or (706) 653-4000 from cell phones or outside of Columbus.

Call the TTY number (706) 225-4155.

File a request online 24 hours a day.

Call (706) 225-4610 or click here for more information.

As always, callers should call 9-1-1 for emergencies.

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